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sell iphone 5s gold with flappy bird

Feb 10,  · An iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird installed has fetched 74 bids on EBay and is currently going for $99, [Updated, a.m. PST Feb. The Author: Salvador Rodriguez. Feb 15,  · How much can I sell my flappy bird iPhone for? I want to know how much I can sell my iPhone 5s 64 Gb gold with flappy bird installed for. Also where should I sell it? Best Answer: I do not think people will actually buy your iPhone for Flappy Bird. There are many easy and FREE ways to get Flappy Bird if people want to. Like this http Status: Open. An iPhone 5S with Flappy Bird installed is going for $, on eBay but has snagged 11 watchers so far. And a Flappy Bird-packed 16GB iPhone 5 sell your device on eBay for absurd amounts Author: Andrew Couts.

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For those who missed the opportunity to download Flappy Bird before the takedown, worry no more. Sell iphone 5s gold with flappy bird are happily taking their devices, like an iPhone 5S with the downloaded app and placing it for sell on the largest marketplace, eBay. The cost? Additionally, there is another six days left to bid on the device. Auctions across the digital marketplace is exploding as users look to cash in. It sprinted into the most wanted app lists by its creator Nguyen Ha Dong.

The rumors surrounding the sudden take-down has varied from Nintendo eyeing a cease and desist over similar graphics to Dong just being tired of the fame. While Dong may not be willing to cash in on his app, it seems users are now taking to eBay to do so. Users who suddenly came to know the app call the removal a publicity stunt. Once Dong announced the countdown to remove the app, downloads grew excessively as users wanted a view of this soon to be gone app.

These criticisms could had been another launching point for Dong to release the game from the app stores. Reviewers of the game called it silly addiction, but admitted it is a addiction nonetheless. Users want to beat their own score and learn to time their taps to passing the next post for their Flappy Bird, sell iphone 5s gold with flappy bird.

Others, found no interest in the game, calling it boring in comparison to the other games on the app market. The app is simple, no background music, no plot and truly no objectives. For those who just need to have the app, sign up for an login over at eBay. The site is exploding with interest and bids. Willing to pay it? Share in the comments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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sell iphone 5s gold with flappy bird


WINGLESS An iPhone With Flappy Bird Was Selling For $, on eBay ‘Flappy Bird’ is dead. But the game lives on, especially on eBay, where you can buy an iPhone with it Marina Watts. Feb 10,  · Just head over to eBay and you'll find a slew of iOS and Android devices for sale with Flappy Bird installed. They're not cheap, though. One such Occupation: Reporter. Feb 10,  · An iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird installed has fetched 74 bids on EBay and is currently going for $99, [Updated, a.m. PST Feb. The Author: Salvador Rodriguez.